Friday, March 2, 2012

2012 Financial Goals: February Update

Save $4000 by January 2013 I contributed $210 to my savings account this month through automatic direct deposit. I also took part of my tax refund along with some of my "buffer" in my checking account and added $600 to savings, so I've already saved about $1000 so far this year!

Maintain a buffer of $100 in my monthly budget. I've really been sticking to this one, and February was almost as good as January.  By the end of the month I had an extra $650 left over after expenses and savings!

Maintain $0 credit card debt.
I used my credit card for my regular monthly expenses (grocery, gas, etc.) and paid the balance in full by the end of the month.

Open a Roth IRA
Haven't done this yet. 


  1. Wow. This is definitely a way to hold yourself accountable. You seem to be well on your way to reaching your goals. Congrats. I have a few goals of my own to reach. Just have to work on the shopping.

  2. I don't even know you and I'm proud of you for setting these goals! I have a daughter who just turned 20 last month and I'm so desperately trying to help her establish these same principles.

    1. Thanks so much, it means alot :) Good luck with your daughter!


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