Monday, November 28, 2011

Money Lesson: Be Observant

Last weekend, I needed to do a little shopping so I headed out to Target.  I saw a large package of toilet paper was on sale for $12 so I quickly grabbed one and headed to the checkout line.  The cashier rang up my purchase and called out the total, but as I pulled out my debit card and began to swipe, I paused..."Could you repeat that total?"  Turns out the toilet paper rang up as the original price of $15...

The same night, my fiancé and I decided to go out to eat.  We had great food, a really nice waitress, and everything was going fine...until the bill came.  There was an extra item listed on our receipt and--had I not noticed--we would have been overcharged by about $5!

So, there were mistakes on two separate occasions in the same night that could have cost me money...BUT, by paying attention as the transactions were taking place, I was able to catch these mistakes and save a few dollars.  It may not seem like $3-5 is a lot of money, but considering all the purchases you make every single month, if even a few result in you being overcharged then that $3-5 can add up!  Make sure you observant when making purchases and review all your receipts!

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