Friday, March 4, 2011

Spring Cleaning: Getting Rid of Little Financial Roadblocks

Some of the clutter and distractions in your life may be impacting your finances in ways you don’t even realize.  Here are some tips to keep those little road blocks in check:
  • Organize your wallet.  Remove all but one 1 credit and 1 debit card to keep you from overspending.  Just knowing that you have money available makes it much easier to splurge on those little items that you didn’t know you wanted…until you saw them.  Make sure your old gift cards and reward cards (ex. grocery MVP card) are readily accessible so you don’t forget to use them!
  • Clean out your closet. Sell old gadgets and books that you no longer use and get some extra cash.  Donate clothes to your local Salvation Army or Good Will.  Charitable donations can count as a tax deduction.  Also, by sorting through your old clothes you can take stock of what you actually have, which can keep you from buying something new when you have something identical in your closet….I know I’m not the only one guilty of making repeat purchases because of something I lost or forget that I owned!
  • UNSUBSCRIBE from store mailing and email lists.  Sure these messages keep you up to date on the latest sales and discounts, but they also serve as a weekly (or even daily) reminder of all the stuff that’s out there for you to buy.  Let’s face it, how many times can one person say no to “additional 50% off plus free shipping”?  Do yourself a favor and avoid the temptation. 
  • Hide (or get rid of) that collection of restaurant coupons and menus!  Same principle as above.  Remove the temptation to order out instead of cooking.  Even with coupons, it is usually more expensive to eat out than to eat in.  

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